Best Shows and Movies Coming to Netflix in July 2020

Netflix is going to have many good series and movies releasing in July 2020. And since we are still stuck at home in quarantine, we need to have a list of the best ones to watch, here is the list of the best shows and movies coming to Netflix next month July 2020.
Best Shows and Movies Coming to Netflix in July 2020

Anne Frank Parallel Stories (2019)

IMDB Rating 6.6
This one is a documentary movie about women who have survived the holocaust and is narrated by Helen Mirren. It Will be something new to discover than the usual war stories as this is especially about the women and their perspectives, so do catch this one.

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993)

IMDB Rating 7.8
Even if you are not very fond of animation or not a  big superhero fan, you will enjoy watching this one, the least it will do is break the monotony which is need of the hour. In this one, Batman fights a powerful criminal who has a connection with his ex-girlfriend and accuses him of killing a crime lord.

Schindler’s List  (1993)

IMDB Rating 8.9
This movie requires the least explanation. Watch it if you still haven't, it's a masterpiece by Steven Spielberg and has also won Academy Award for Best Picture. The story revolves around Oskar Schindler, a German industrialist and member of the Nazi party, and who is trying to save his employees from the persecution of Jews in Poland.

Frida (2002)

IMDB Rating  7.4
A movie based on the life of legendary artist Frida Kahlo can never be boring. Her life was filled with complex relationships and also an illicit affair. Do watch this one, especially for Salma Hayek's amazing performance.

Kingdom Season 1 to 3 

IMDB Rating  8.4
This drama series revolves around the life of retired MMA fighter Alvey Kulina who runs his own mixed martial arts gym and finds it difficult to keep his family together. The show has only three seasons in totality and is a must-watch.


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