The Worst Shows on Netflix that you should avoid

While you will find a list of all the best Netflix shows to catch, there are some seriously bad ones you need to stay away from no matter what anyone says or who recommends it. Shows are subjective but still these are pretty bad in many ways.
The Worst Shows on Netflix that you should avoid


Gilmore Girls - A Year In The Life (2016)

This one was a huge letdown and disappointment for all Gilmore Girls fans, forget about audiences who haven't watched Gilmore Girls. The series is way behind in every sense including the performances and the production value.

Girlboss 2017

The major problem with Girlboss is writing. The series is badly written, half baked characters and situations and above all absence of reasoning. A bunch of youngsters struggling to hustle and make it big could have been a really good plot to develop but they lost the point starting with the first episode itself.

Marvel's Iron Fist

Marvel has been the epitome of creativity and entertainment for years now. With it's SciFi movies, it has not only redefined cinema in a lot of ways but also created new avenues of entertainment. Be it Luke Cage, Daredevil or Jessica Jones, all were amazing and an instant hit. But Iron Fist with the glowing fist is overrated to say the least.

Fuller House 2016 

Last but not the least, The Fuller House. The series is a letdown and you won't find any relevant laughter worthy joke even if you seriously try to find one.

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