Sweet Magnolias on Netflix - To stream it or skip it?

Sweet Magnolias on Netflix is based on lovely book series by Sherryl Woods. The story revolves around three southern ladies living and enjoying their lives in California.
Sweet Magnolias on Netflix - To stream it or skip it?

Now since it's launch on 19th May 2020, the show has been in news for many reasons. The main one being that it is being loved by many while many have hated it.

To clear your doubts, it is an amazing show that needs to be binged. To give you all an idea, the opening shot is that of divorce proceedings, so you know whatever happens next will open a lot of drama. Maddie, Helen, and Dana Sue are best friends who are juggling life, friends, kids and their careers and sometimes have a slip.

For everyone thinking this is Hallmark movie made into a series, the answer is yes and no both. This is not set in the Christmas background and also the characters are far more developed and the story is far more polished, it is a better version of Hallmark to say for lack of words.

It is again not a masterpiece but it is entertaining purely because of the marvelous performances of the three ladies. It is are not trying to become an elite or a sophisticated show, and that itself sets it apart. Also it has some amazing lines, almost every scene has one dialogue which will sit in your heart.

While we are all under quarantine, we would definitely recommend to binge watch this one.

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