We all loved Eleven and the entire gang of kids fighting the ever so dangerous monster created by Hawkins. But what next? What to watch next once you are done with all seasons of Netflix's most loved Science Fiction Fantasy series The Stranger Things? Well, we are here to help. Below is a list of shows you will definitely love if you have loved the paranormal thrilling plotline in The Stranger Things.

Netflix Shows You Must Watch If You Have Loved Stranger Things Locke and Key

The series follows the story of three siblings, the Locke siblings to be specific. The family moves to their old family house that is called the "Keyhouse" after the man of the house, the father of the kids is killed. The youngest son is pulled to a key through strange voices and he soon realizes the house is everything but normal. The key is an Anywhere key, he can open any doors with the key. And this is not just the key, there are many more keys in the house that are waiting to be discovered. Watch this one, it will surely entertain you with thrill and amazing performances.

Black Spot

This creepy, detective series set in a grim setting is perfect to watch if you are looking for something spooky and thrilling. Villefranche is a town where every day is more depressing than the day that passed. The homicide rate is at the highest, alcoholism is common, mobile phones don't have a reception and not to forget none of the modern escapism mediums like music and movies do not exist. This is the closest you will get to Upside downtown that was showed in The Stranger Things.

The Society

What if all adults disappeared and the teenagers had to run the town? The Society is exactly that, a lot like Lord of Flies, just it is set in the modern age and is not a desert island. The story is set in a New England town where adults have disappeared creating a perfect paranormal plus teenage drama.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

This series is for fans of both The Stranger Things and Riverdale. Sabrina is a teenage witch, based on Archie comic book series of the same name, this series takes the paranormal thrill a notch higher. Sabrina has to choose between her normal life and her magical life and it is not an easy choice.

So this was our list, do you think we missed any particular series that The Stranger Things lovers will love to watch? Do comment with your views, also don't forget to share and support :) 

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