High Rated Shows and Movies leaving Netflix in June (2020)

Below is the list of Netflix shows and movies that are leaving the platform starting from 1st June onwards. So make sure to watch them before they are all gone.

The King's Speech 2010 - Leaving Netflix on 1st June 2020

This high rated historical drama starring Colin Firth as King George VI. The movie revolves around King George VI trying to overcome his stammering problem with the help of a speech therapist Lionel Logue. This is a must-watch, this movie even won the Academy Award for Best Picture.
IMDB Rating 8.0

Equilibrium 2002 - Leaving Netflix on 7th June 2020

Starring the enigmatic Christian Bale, this science fiction is based on a world where human emotions are banned and prohibited. But there is an officer who decides to revolt against this rule and what happens next is an entertaining watch.
IMDB Rating 7.4

Mad Men All 7 Seasons - Leaving Netflix on 9th June 2020

So let's agree to it that Mad Men is not just a show, it's a phenomenon and if you still haven't watched this one then do watch it before it leaves Netflix. The show is based in the 1960s where Creative Director sterling Cooper tries to maintain a balance between his personal and professional life. The series has won the Golden Globe for best series, Primetime Emmy Awards and many other awards in drama genre.
IMDB Rating 8.6

Avengers Infinity War 2018 - Leaving Netflix on 24th June 2020

This movie doesn't need any introduction, one of the most successful and the most popular Avengers movie is leaving Netflix on 24th June 2020. You still have a month to watch Thanos and the army of Avengers and enjoy the madness.
IMDB Rating 8.5

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