Netflix's one of the most talked-about dark horses of recent times has to be Money Heist. We all love the Professor and Nairbo and Tokyo and the list is endless. It is not surprising that many of us have watched this heist series multiple times purely because of its brilliance. Here are some secrets about Money Heist which the Professor in you will be happy to know.
The 5 Secrets About Netflix Money Heist Only A Handful Of People Know

The Secret Name

Have you noticed how everyone on Professor's team has a name that is based on a country while the same rule doesn't apply to Professor himself and he is still called the Professor? Well, not many know that Professor prefers to name himself Vatican City. The place that is filled with knowledge, and one of the most secretive and protective cities of all time. Alvaro Morte who plays the Professor on-screen has exclaimed in one of his interviews that he would love to pick up Vatican city as his name if he had to.

The Plot

While watching the show, you wonder at times the brains that go behind developing the amazing plots and storylines. Surprisingly the plot is not written in advance for the series or the season as such. The writers of the show have developed the plot while they were filming which is mind-bending in itself.

Effect of Netflix

Before Netflix jumped on to it, the show was not that famous and even reportedly turned down by a few broadcasters. The first season was produced under a tight budget and after the response the producers had almost scrapped making it any further until Netflix came into the picture and the rest is history. The cast shot the entire season one in Madrid itself.

The Salvador Dali Tribute

The masks have become a synonym with Money Heist and every fan loves the mask, so much so that fans are seen wearing them every now and then for parties and special occasions. There is a special hidden tribute behind the mask that not many know.  Salvador Dali, a famous Spanish Surrealist artist shaped the art world through his bizarre and anti-capitalist art, his face is the inspiration behind the Money Heist mask. The makers gave his art and him a tribute through the show.

The Name of the Show

The show's name seems to be lost in translation, yes it is shocking yet true. The original name of the show is "La Casa De Papel" which translates to "The House of Paper" in English. But since the characters were involved in planning the century's biggest heists, the show came to be named as The Money Heist. Some people to date believe that these two are two different shows when in fact they are the same.

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