5 Promising Netflix Original Movies coming in June (2020)

Netflix Originals have had a hit and miss for a long time now, more misses than hits to be honest. But the June 2020 line up of Netflix Original movies does look a lot promising, maybe Netflix is learning from it's mistakes and revising its content strategy. So let's have a look at 5 promising Netflix original movies you can watch during the quarantine.
5 Promising Netflix Original Movies coming in June 2020

The Last Days of American Crime - Crime Thriller 

Based on a graphic novel of the same name belonging to 2009, this crime thriller is also a heist movie. Édgar Ramírez plays Graham Bricke a professional criminal who gets together with a gangster and an illegal hacker to pull off the biggest heist of the century. Don't miss this one as it also has twist of the US government introducing a new law which makes willful crimes impossible so the trio has very less time on their hands.

Expected Release date on Netflix - 5th June 2020


One-Way To Tomorrow

This is Netflix's first original from Turkey. It's a beautiful story of two strangers traveling from Ankara to Izmir and unlike other movies they don't hit it off instantly. Their relationship during the journey slowly grows and takes a turn when they open up about their past.

Expected Release date on Netflix - 19th June 2020


A Whisker Away 

If you are a cat lover then you should definitely not miss this one. This is an animated cute movie from Studio Colorado. The story revolves around a girl who transforms into a cat to catch attention of her crush.

Expected Release date on Netflix - 18th June 2020


This one is from India and is one of the most awaited Netflix Originals from the country.A banker struggles to pay her jobless husband's rising debts and discovers a secret source of unlimited cash in her house. This one stars Saiyami Kher and the acclaimed Amruta Subhash.

Expected Release date on Netflix - 5th June 2020


Da 5 Bloods

Stash of buried gold and war veterans, these two things coming together itself sounds interesting. Four African American war veterans return to Vietnam to find their Squad leader's remains and in the process their find buried gold. This will be an interesting watch for sure.

Expected Release date on Netflix - 12th June 2020

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