4 Instagram Story Hacks 2020 to get more engagement

Instagram Stories are an important part of the app and if you are still not using stories on Instagram then believe me you are losing out on a lot. While the stories are pretty simple, there are a few hacks that ensure maximum reach and engagement to your stories.
4 Instagram Story Hacks 2020 to get more engagement

Quality and Planning

Treat every Instagram story as important as your post itself. Apart from ensuring you put clear and high-quality photos and videos in the story, also ensure that you are actually telling a "story" through your story. Say something, make your content mean something, be it inspiring, motivating or generally sharing your life happenings, it should evoke an emotion. Because anything that evokes emotions becomes share-worthy and thus ends up getting more views and likes.

Question and Poll Stories

It is observed that Instagram stories that have polls and ask questions have more engagement than any other kind of story. But make sure your questions are relevant and not something out of the blue. To make this even more engaging, post a poll or a question about a trending topic that is currently a part of everyone's conversation.

Location Tags

While we all know Instagram allows us to tag a location in your posts, but many forget that Instagram allows the same in the story section as well. You can find the location tag in stickers. This will ensure your story appears in locations anyone clicks and searches for and thus gives you more engagement and visibility.

Mention Accounts

Brands are known to repost content that shows their product or services in a positive light. So make sure when you use some product and post a story having it, tag the brand, and show them how much you love their product and the likes. This will make your content reach to everyone who loves the brand and fans of the brand. Don't overdo this else it can backfire as people hate fake appreciative posts.

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