What's coming to Netflix in September 2019?

Netflix has some huge releases lined up for September 2019 which movie and show lovers should not miss. Below is a list of the same.

1. The Spy - 6th September 2019

Comedian Sacha Boran Cohen will make you laugh with his antics in this one. This is a political thriller about a man who was pushed to the end for living two lives.

2. Criminal - 20th September 2019

This is an amazing police interrogation series which is not to be missed. It is spread over 4 different countries with different cast.

3. Between Two Ferns - 20th September 2019

Zach Galifianakisasks the most awkward questions in the most crazy manner at times with a poker face which makes this a fun watch.

4. Glitch Season 3 - 25th September 2019

Those who have seen the first two seasons, the third one is finally here. A mystery about a bizarre event where seven dead people rise up from their graves is a binge worthy watch for sure.

5.  Bard of Blood - 27th September 2019

Bollywood's superstar Shahrukh Khan brings his first Netflix Original with "Bard of Blood" starring Bollywood star Emran Hashmi. The story revolves around an Indian spy who must confront his past to move ahead.

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