Netflix and Chill - 5 Best Lesser Known Comedies on Netflix April 2019

Netflix and Chill - 5 Best Lesser Known Comedies on Netflix April 2019 #netflixandchill #netflix #netflixmovies #love #netflixoriginal #netflixseries #like #series #follow #tv #memes #l #movies #movie #meme #film #chill #instagood #cinema #marvel #dog #birdbox #funny #serie #netflixitalia #instagram #riverdale #tvseries #cute #bhfypWe are all tired at some point or other and the biggest medium of escape from reality that we have is cinema and TV series. Netflix has some hidden gems when it comes to comedies and here is a list of top five comedies on Netflix that you can stream in April 2019 and that are lesser known.

1.  The Little Hours

The movie is quite off beat to start with, it has three horny nuns and a handsome looking Massetto and is a witty story weaved around them. This one is not for everyone but being based on a book, its quite a refrshing watch from the otherwise common romantic comedies.

2. Burn After Reading

With an incredible cast that includes George Clooney, John Malkovich and Brad Pitt; this one is about following the American dream. Everyone has a distinct one which creates a whole lot of drama, confusion and situations that will tickle your funny bone. This comedy has a good plot which will keep your interest levels high at all times. And not to mention Frances McDormand's bizzare crazy character, watch out for her in this one.

3. A Serious Man

This is by far the most Jewish film ever. It is about a Professor who lives in a small town in 1960s and how his life flips when his wife asks fora divorce. The movie is inspired by Kafka and isn't just a comedy but a heart touching story of a simple man and his simple life in a simple town, a rarity these days.

4. The Incredible Jessica James

Jessica James is a twenty year old girl who loves theatre so much so that she is trying to get her own theartical show produced. All this coupled with a breakup that she has to pull herself out of. Chris O’Dowd is the charming new man in her life, this is her story of struggle and all the mess she creates while doing. The movie has some strong messages too along with the laughs so don't miss this one.

5. All About Nina

This black comedy starring Eva Vives is about the comedy world and what goes behind it. It's about Nina's journey who is a stand up comedian by profession. She is an alcoholic with a bad taste in men which results in quite interesting series of situations which make you laugh and think at the same time. She then falls in love with an older man and her life takes a new turn, watch to know more.

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