5 things you never knew about The Joker

Joker is Batman's super nemesis and there is a lot we don't know about him. He laughs crazily, has insane ways of proving his point and is obesses with revealing Batman's identity and finishing him off; but is that all?
Let's have a look at 5 things that are still unknown about THE JOKER

5 things you never knew about The Joker1. Joker is based on Conrad Veidt

Not many know that Joker was originally based on German actor Conrad Veidt. The actor's pale skin and slightly disfigured character from the movie The Man Who Laughs was the perfect one to base Joker's look and insanity upon.

2. Joker was Batman's mother?

There was an alternate universe comic book created by Geoff John where the entire DC universe was upside down. In this version, Bruce Wayne's dad gets shot by a mugger and his mom survives but goes through so much mental trauma that she ends up becoming insane , she becomes "The Joker".

3. Heath Ledger invented his Joker makeup

The movie Dark Knight had an Oscar nomination for makeup and not many know the fact that Heath Ledger had himself done his makeup for the movie. He picked up the makeup from drugstore and created an insane image that will haunt us all forever.

4. Joker in Scooby Doo

Yes, you read it right. Joker has appeared in Scooby Doo in an episode " The Caped Crusedar Caper".

5. Joker's real Identity

Though his background is not explored much in movies, classic comics have hinted that he was once a Lab assistant and also tried to be a professional joker once.

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