5 Best Lesser Known thrillers on Netflix April 2019

Bored of watching Drama or searching for something exciting to watch on Netflix? We have got you covered. Sit back and check out this list of 5 must watch thrillers on Netflix that are streaming right now in April 2019.

1. Cam

5 Best Lesser Known thrillers on Netflix April 2019This unusual yet well written movie will take you by surprise with it's imple yet intruiging plot. Madeline Brewer essays the role of a camgirl who discovers that she is somehow replicated on different videos uploaded on her own website. Who is doing it? This internet based Netflix horror thriller is a must watch if you want to see something really really different.

2. Enemy

Imagine if you go out to watch a movie one day and discover that the actor in the movie looks exactly like you. What would you do? This is the plot of Jake Gyllenhaal starrer "Enemy" where he plays a History professor.

3. Only God Forgives

If you love Ryan Gosling like everyone on this planet, then this one is surely for you. Ryan plays an American Thai Boxing club owner who gets into an unusal trouble. This movie is from 2013 and not known much but is a treat to watch.

4. The River Wild

Meryl Streep is a genius so it's obvious that all her movies are masterpieces. Her character goes on a rafting trip with her family and the rest is a treat to watch. There is hijacking, two conmen and a whole lot of edge of the seats twists, don't miss this one.

5. Velvet Buzzsaw

There are paintings that have supernatural powers, powers to end anyone who tries to profit out of them. But no one knows about this until one day Jake Gyllenhaal who stars as an art critic discovers this fact, what follows is a hell lot of twists and turns.

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