Apple TV Plus - Everything you need to know about Apple's new offering

Okay, so the launch was great as usual and big things were spoken about by big names. But it all gets confusing after a point. But don't fear when we are here!

To set things straight, Apple TV Plus is not a new standalone app. You use it when you use Apple TV app. So what's new? Well, from May 2019 onwards, Apple TV app will offer add on subscriptions which will allow users to now subscribe to entertainment providers like HBO which is Apple TV's biggest partner.

Apple TV plus is thus the subscription model which will have a lot of content the users can subscribe acceessible on Apple TV, IOS and Mac and a few other platforms to begin with. As expected the services on Apple TV plus will be completely ad free as you will be paying for everything. This will be launching not in one or two but in 100 countries worldwide.
to all at one place. The app will be

So is this the end of Netflix & Amazon Prime?
Well, no!
Apple TV Plus - Everything you need to know about Apple's new offeringThough Apple TV plus is targetting a huge market, Apple is currently focusing on developing its own original programming. So there won't be much of old movies and shows, instead they are focused on developing content exclusively for the platform with the big names of the industry. Also the fact that Apple TV's availability on android devices is yet to be disclosed, it seems a huge market will stay out of this service if they don't include Android viewers in it as not everyone has an Apple TV. They also made no mention of providing this service on any web browsers seperately so that way Android users will have no way to access this service without having an Apple TV which is a huge bummer and so Netflix and Chill will not go anywhere and is here to stay.

Apple is also yet to reveal the monthly charges so we don't know how costly it is going to be and if people will be ready to shell out for content they have no idea about.

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