PUBG - What is it and Why is everyone talking about it?

From PM Modi to the kids in your building and your friends, everyone around is talking about PUBG. There are keychains, stickers and also backpacks coming out in the market which are PUBG themed, not to forget the crazy PUBG themed Pre-wedding shoots and destination weddings. But there is this one question in everyone's mind, especially the ones who don't know anything about this game, WHAT IS PUBG?

So let's have a look at what exactly is PUBG and why the world is going gaga over it. To add to the PR, Mahindra's Head Anand Mahindra reacted to a news which stated players had found a Mahindra tractor in PUBG. He reacted saying he knew about a lot of things and awalys tried to keep himself updated but he had no clue what PUBG was.

PUBG is actually the short form of Players Unknown Battle Ground. It is a virtual reality game where 100 players are air dropped in a desserted place and they try to outrun each other. The one who survives in the end is the winner.

The Origin of PUBG

PUBG is not an Indian game. It was created by Korean video-game developer Bluehole and launched by Chinese publisher Tencent. PUBG was first launched in 2017 but in March 2018 it was banned in China due to it's addictive qualities. PUBG currently has 30 Million active users and 200 Million downloads.

Game is free, everything inside is not
PUBG - What is it and Why is everyone talking about it?

PUBG is free to download and play but as soon as you proceed in the game, you will need to purchase stuff like skins, outfits etc and there is also tactical fee involved. So the makers are making huge money out of the game every minute.

What is so different about PUBG?

Every game lasts for just 30 minutes and the players who are killed in previous games can start fresh in a new game. Then there are also quick games. The twist is also that the survival zone keeps on decreasing. Players outside this zone keep dying.

PUBG has so many real vehicles and streets that it becomes an addictive playground.

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