Netflix Review: Russian Doll is a terrific series and is a must watch?

Natasha Lyonne is an amazing performer. She is one of those actors who make you forget that she is acting and Netflix's Russian Doll is one of her best performances till date. Natasha plays Adia who gets trapped in the most out of the box problems and somehow finds a way out of all of them.

More than that Natasha has also written a few episodes and also directed few episodes of this marvelous series. The plot is quite simple and so you don't expect much from it and that is the true beauty of the show because it delivers more than it promises.
Netflix Review: Russian Doll is a terrific series and is a must watch

Adia is celebrating her 36th birthday, she keeps dying and coming back to the strat of her birthday party again and again. She runs on street and gets hit by a taxi, blood oozing out of her head she is visibly dead. The next scene she is seen in her best friend's bath tub ready to celebrate her 36th birthday. So the plot is about her dying and being reborn again and again in the same timeline, the timeline doesn't change.

Then there are men too in this crazy set up, Alan is a guy who enters at the end of 3rd episode and he too is stuck in a loop of his own which I won't disclose as this is a spoiler free review. Adia and Alan both are seen struggling to end their loop and they realise that they need to resolve their emotional conflicts to end these loops else they will be forever stuck in it. Every episode is a treat and a masterpiece in storytelling.

There is a lot of self destructive behaviour included to be ready for a different perspective as Alan and Adia both are seen indulging in it heavily throughout the series, so much so that it becomes a tad too much to handle at times. It misses the point every now and then but still is a great series to watch.

Russian Doll is now streaming on Netflix, click here to watch now

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