Kokum Vasai Review : Good food, Good Ambience, Room for Improvement

Vasai has always craved for good Maharashtrian food outlets because we just can't get enough of the Konka delicacies. So over the years though many have tried to bring Maharashtrian cuisine in forefront, maharashtrian non veg food outlets are still quite negilible.

Newly opened Kokum which is just next to Vasai west Dmart and above Vijay Sales is a breath of fresh air. Amongst all the  Indo Italian and Indo Chinese food joints that are rampantly growing in Vasai, Kokum is truely a place to chill and have a good time. We were there for a birthday party and the staff was for than cordial and sang happy birthday bringing in the birthday vibe for their guests bang on.

We ordered Bhajleli Jinga, Butter Garlic Crab, Patyakalchi Bombil and Prawn Tonne Mirsang. Out of these Bhajleli Jhinga and Bombil were the best tasting ones. Also not to the forget the complimentary Kokam sharbat shot they gave us all as soon as we sat, small things like these make a difference. Butter Garlic Crab was ignorable as it had small bits of crab cover in it and lacked flavouring. We let it pass as it's not their speciality, their speciality is authentic Maharastrian cuisine. Prawns here are worth tasting, all the prawns dishes we ordered faired very well.

Kokum Vasai Review : Good food, Good Ambience, Room for improvement
Mutton Pandhra Rassa & Mutton Pulav
Next for main course we ordered Neer Dosa, Wade, Mutton Sukka, Mutton Pandhra Rassa, Mutton Pulav and  Chicken Sagoti. Wade and Mutton Sukka were awesome while Mutton Pandhra Rassa let us down a bit as it was not Rass but more of a thick gravy. Also the mutton was not tender as expected, as it is newly opened so we give them this benefit of doubt that this is one of situtions. So there is definately room for improvement. We also ordered Solkadi, the quantity was good but we would have preffered a bit more Kokum and lesser garlic.
Kokum Vasai Review : Good food, Good Ambience, Room for improvement
Khubani Ka Meetha

For desserts we ordered Strawberry icecream and Khubani Ka Meetha. Frankly speaking we were very scared of what will arrive as Khubani ka Meetha as hotels in Vasai serve a lot of unedible things under such elite names. But Khubani Ka Meetha turned out to be our favourite dish at Kokum. It was sweet, delicate and just perfect.

Overall we can give it 3.5 stars out of 5 on Whats Hot meter. Definately worth visiting.

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