This is why Game of Thrones final season is going to be disappointing

Game of Thrones has always entertained it's loyal clan, I mean fans. But 2018 was a long long year for Game of Thrones fans as this was the only year till date when GOT season was not released. It is the only show which has millions of fans not just in the US but across the globe. The last season of this epic is awaited desperately.

To begin with, endings are always painful. Especially when it is your favorite series ending. It means from now on there won't be any anticipation for an upcoming season, the story will be over, all characters as expected might end up dying in this last season. Endings always evoke mixed feelings.
This is why Game of Thrones final season is going to be disappointing

This show that debuted in 2011 became a cult favorite in no time. It was not because of the dragons or the mountains or the freezing set up, it was because of the characters, lots of them. And this is where the problem lies. Game of Thrones is an "epic" story of a lot of characters and every character has developed a fandom over the years. It will be really difficult for the makers to justify individual journey of all characters in one season. Also suddenly the epic, the masterpiece which appeared endless due to the massive set design and VFX, now feels finite, it now is destined to have an end.

Let's have a look at what people might be expecting from the final season, a few questions like "Who sits on the iron throne?", "Who will rule Westeros?", "Who will die and who will not?". So whatever the makers try to do with the final season, it is humanly impossible to resolve each and every question in every fan's mind and that's where the problem lies.

There are high chances that you will be disappointed by the last season, but always remember that you being disappointed with the last season reflects the truth that you enjoyed the earlier seasons more. Also keep in mind that it's the end of the story, you still enjoyed everything till date so just don't jump on to conclusions when the final season airs. Give it the farewell it deserves.

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