Superhero Alert: Five unknown facts about Black Widow

Black Widow is a spy we all have loved. She is probably the only female spy who makes mystery entertaining and at the same time interesting. Let's have a look at five unknown facts about Black Window.

Originated from a comic show

Stan Lee apparently got the idea to create Black Widow from a cartoon series that aired in 1960s. Natasha Fatale was a villian in this show and she grabbed Stan Lee's attention. Stan Lee thus introduced her as Natasha Fatale in Marvel's comic book Tales of Suspense #52 where her job was to kill Iron Man.

A Zombie and a Werewolf 
Superhero Alert: Five unknown facts about Black Widow

Black Widow has been a zombie and a werewolf. She tried to eat Silver Surfer once and as a result she got affected by zombies. She consumed the plant eating Galatic in one such turn of events and she had become a werewolf then.

Black Widow and Winter Soldier connection

Not many know that the Black Widow was trained by the winter soldier.  Winter Soldier too was a part of Russian experiments and so he had trained her. Apparently they were also dating each other in the comics.

Thor's Hammer

No one other than Thor himself can lift his hammer, except Black Widow. Yes you read it right. Black Widow can indeed lift Thor's Hammer. In comics, Thor once lost his life and in his place Natasha Fatale had become the God of Thunder and so he owned the hammer that time so can lift it.

Secret Identity

Black Widow is a spy, a super spy so it is but obvious that she would hide her identity from the general public. Her real name is not Natasha Fatale but here real name is Natalia Alianovna Romanova, she uses only Natasha out of this name to keep her real identity a secret.

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