Parth Samthaan Vs The Media : What really went wrong?

Parth Samthaan is loved by everyone as Anurag from Balaji's hit show "Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2" which airs on Star Plus. He is a huge television star with unbelievable social media following, so it is given that the media goes frenzy for taking his bytes and interviews.

Parth Samthaan Vs The Media : What really went wrong?
In a recent case, the media has argued that Parth Samthaan threw a tantrum while they were on sets for taking his byte and showing the audiences what they are in for in the coming episodes. This media visit was permitted by the Producer of the show and hence the media could not understand Parth's reaction. Apparently as per news report  Parth was upset about the distraction on set and he as an actor was not able to focus on the shot due to the media presence.

He also said that though he respects media and loves to give interviews, he feels sets are not the right place for interacting as they as actors are at work. 

Frankly speaking, here no one is wrong or right. Parth is right in saying that an actor needs to concentrate as he is in a character when the scenes are filmed while the media is also right as they are just doing their jobs and working hard for it.

We hope there is some mid way that can be found out to avoid these things in future.

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