Must Watch: 5 Netflix movies based on real life stories

Stories are everywhere, what makes them stand apart is how real they feel. Netflix has some hidden gems when it comes to movies that are based on real life stories and are an interesting watch.

Dallas Buyers Club

This is Matthew McConaughey’s best performance till date. It is the story of a real life cow boy Ron Woodroof who undertook the challenge of changing the world for good in 1985 when AIDS epidemic was in full swing.

12 Years of Slave

This Oscar winning Netflix movie is a must watch for everyone who wants to watch an inspiring life story. It is an amazing story of a black man who is sold into slavery and who finds freedom after 12 years of endless slavery.

The Theory of Everything

Stephen Hawking is one name we cannot miss when we are talking about impactful real life stories. It is alarming that Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with a deadly disease when he was just 21 years old and he still continued to follow his dreams  of bringing a revolution in the field of science and physics. 


Barry Is Barack Obama's life on screen. It tells the story of US Ex President Barack Obama right from his teenage years and documents some of the most important highlights of his life and the story behind his leadership skills and his calm nature.


In 2001, Catholic churches were not as tainted in the news like they are today, Allegations of molestation and abuse were nowhere around. This is the story of exactly that time when a small group of journalists from Boston Globe brought the sexual abuse rampant in Roman Catholic Church in the forefront.

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