Game of Thrones : Sophie Turner wasn't allowed to wash her hair while filming for GOT ?

Firstly, let us all just admit that Sophie Turner is beyond just beautiful. Secondly she has amazingly beautiful blond hair and so this news report comes as a true shocker.

Sophie who plays Sansa in HBO's superhit series "Game of Thrones" has now revealed that she was not allowed to wash her hair even once while she was filming for the show. It started around the filming of Season 5 of the show that the makers started asking her to not wash her hair and shefelt disgusting about it.

Apparently her hair would turn so greasy that the fake snow particles from snow machine used to stick to it and make it all a messy affair to deal with once the shoot was over. Thankfully, the makers realised her ordial and finally got her a wig which allowed her to wash her hair.

Game of Thrones final season is slated to start from April 14th on HBO. We have mixed feeling for the word "Final Season" as everyone will miss the show badly for years to come.

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