Dipika Kakar fans surprise her with gifts?

Dipika Kakar has become one of the most popular and loved Indian television celebrity, more recently because of her Bigg Boss 12 journey and win which made people see her real supportive side.

Now as per news reports, Dipika Kakar was pleasantly taken aback by the gesture of a fan club which
Dipika Kakar fans suprise her with amazing gifts?
gifted her many goodies. She has a lot of fan clubs where her fans not only post latest updates about her but also try to reach her through social media.

Dipika Kakar recently shared a cute video of one of her fan club admin bringing her goodies which were sent by the group members. She shared this video on Instagram and thanked her fans and also the group for making her feel special. She also mentioned that they are not just fans but like family to her as because of their support she could win Bigg Boss 12.

Dipika seems to be living the dream literally, after all isn't this kind of fandom dreamt by all stars?

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