Bigg Boss 12 : Sreesanth supports Hardik Pandya and K.L Rahul ?

Sreesanth has played the Cricket world cup before and everyone of us could see the pain he goes through on daily basis for the ban that has been put on him.

So it was natural that of all the people around, he would definately understand Hardik Pandya and K.L Rahul's plight, especially now when rumours of them being banned from the 2019 Cricket world cup are in full swing.

Bigg Boss 12 : Sreesanth supports Hardik Pandya and K.L Rahul ?As per news reports, in recent interview Sreesanth exclaimed that what happened was wrong but
there are many players in the team who have done more wrong things than just speaking wrongily and they are still in the team. And he also said that people do wrong things in all feilds and not just cricket and that both the players are good cricketers and should be given a chance.

As far as the incident is concerned which was the horrendous interview on Koffee with Karan, BCCI has taken strict action on both Hardik Pandya and K.L.Rahul and have kept them out of both Australia and New Zealand series.On his own ban, Sreesanth is awaiting the ban to be lifted so that he can play atleast for six months.

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