Tupac Shakur's Erotic drawing sold for over $21000?

Late Tupac Shakur has always been alive in the hearts of his fans, even today one cannot mention the world music scene without mentioning Tupac. Now as per news reports Tupac's hand drawn illustration of him making love to a woman from behind has been sold for a whooping amount of over $21000.
Tupac Shakur's Erotic drawing sold for over $21000?

The colour artwork was put on auction by Steiner Auctions and drew bids from 10 potential buyers. The winning bid was of $21155.75 and was placed by a man in his sixties as per news reports.

This crazy piece of art was actually included by Tupac in his love letter to his lover and then girlfriend Desiree. He was serving prison time at that moment and so the letter was special.

Would you shell out  this amount for Tupac's drawing ? Let us know in comments.

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