5 amazing ways to generate Insurance leads

Getting new insurance leads is really an art and it is definately very difficult these days.Many people buy leads which is costly as not all leads get converted, the other option is to generate leads organically which really is a long process.  So let's have a look at some amazing ways to get more Insurance leads

5 amazing ways to generate Insurance leads

1. Advertising

Be it email marketing or newspaper or television advertising, it will get you more exposure and ultimately more leads.  Yellow pages advertising is one more such option which is considered as obselete but it is still an amaing tool to use and generates a lot of leads as many people still refer to these as far as financial consultants are considered. Retention rate of seeing something is 80% more than other mediums so you should definately try out television advertising as well, especially targetting only your local area initially.

2. Events

Events helps you to meet many people, some like minded and some of varied perspective. In the end all of these people are your target base and you will end up having more leads for insurance selling than anywhere else as event visits involves personal contact. Here is your chance to outshine everyone else in the insurance game sheerly by your personality and selling skills.

3. Social Media Marketing

Are you active on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Still thinking these are waste of time? Rethink because these are the tools to master your online presence and create an impressive one. Let the world know your insurance offerings for free with just a click, your friends and inner circle tapping here will result in maximum insurance leads and that too with high conversion ratio.

4. Free consultations

 Want to get more leads ? Then show people you have something good to offer and offer it for free first to select influencers and decision makers. This way you will get a huge word of mouth boost and ultimately maximise your reach.

5. Webinars & Podcasts

You have information that you want to share with people about insurance and how to buy the best one? Then explore the world of webinars and podcasts to create a brand for yourself. Once you develop your personal brand as someone who has great knowledge about insurance, then leads will follow endlessly and in huge quantities. If you are shy you can choose doing a podcast which is mainly audio based.

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