5 Depression Symptoms you should not ignore

Depression is a very serious condition and though it is not taken seriously, there are a couple of symptoms which should not be neglated. Because severe depression leads to suicial tendicies which are life threatning. 

1. Sudden increase in energy

While we associate depression with melancholy and being tired by everything around, it is equally important to note that a person suffering from depression has sudden increase in energy for doing things. They are always in the lookout of doing something dramatic and hence it should be treated very carefully.

2. Eating Pattern

Overeating and under eating are both indicators of depression. Under eating reflects severe depression and has physical ill effects. Personal hygiene is also many a times neglected by such individuals.

3. Death and gore

A person having depression starts a liking towards the dark side of his or her personality and talks and thinks more about death and gory things and happenings.This includes talking about his or her own death, exploring things that might happen after they die and the likes.

4. Favourite activities 

A person going through depression might behave normally in all sense but he looses interest in things he used to enjoy doing earlier. While certain hobbies and interactions make us happy, people undergoing depression try to avoid these totally.

5. Rapid changes in weight

Depression makes you eat more or makes you want to avoid all food items, so it makes you gain or loose weight very rapidly. If more than 5% of the body weight is gained / lost in a month then it's surely due to depression if not related to any definite physical injury.

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