Bigg Boss 12: Pairs Boycott Dipika ?

Bigg Boss season 12 is becoming more exciting with every passing day. Looks like the housemates are finally creating a connect with others and also with each other. It is very apparent that the house is divided in two major groups; singles and the jodis.

Bigg Boss 12: Pairs Boycott Dipika ? television news updates gossip biggboss12 bb12 bb tvshows breakingnews hotnews free
After yesterday's task where Dipika was seen rubbing people's faces when they were sitting on the chair for the task, the Jodis have apparently decided to boycott her.

The "Samudri Lootere" task of BB 12 has brought a lot of trouble for Dipika as she was definately seen in a bad light after the task. The jodis even booed her after the task an Dipika was seen breaking down due to all the back lashing and negativity.

For now it is obvious that the Jodis i.e the pairs in the Bigg Boss house will target Dipika for nomination and will definately boycott her totally as per online news reports.

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