5 Shocking facts about Bigg Boss 12 contestant Sreesanth

Since the day cricketer Sreesanth has enetered the Bigg Boss house, news reports have been flooding about his temperament in the house. But there are some facts about Sreesanth that are still pretty unknown, below are 5 such facts

1.Sreesanth - The Disco Dancer

Everyone knows that Sreesanth is a good dancer. But not many people know that Sreesanth has actually danced on the cricket pitch. In a match against South Africa , after he played an amazing shot, he started dancing on the pitch with his bat in an attempt to mock the bowler.

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2. The IPL Slap

In 2007, Sreesanth was the breaking news after reports claiming him being slapped by Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh took over the media. Harbhajan Singh was banned from the rest of the series and Sreesanth was given a warning. Bhajji even called him a "backstabber".

3. Prayers at Sabarimala 

After his spot fixing incident, Sreesanth prayed at Sabrimala Ayyappa temple in South India and insisted that he had done nothing wrong. This was in 2015 and he was even seen giving TV interviews where he said the same.


4. Sreesanth - The Politician  

After getting a clean chit from the courts in the spot fixing case, Sreesanth went on to stand in elections as a BJP candidate. Not much happened in his political career after that.

5. Sreesanth's Love life 

As per many online reports, Sreesanth knew his wife even before they got married and she was the one who supported him throughout his professional nightmare. They were school friends and were supposed to get married in September 2013 but Sreesanth was doubtful about the marriage happening due to his controversies which had suddenly popped up. But the married happened and he is currently happily married.

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