Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor's 'Jagga Jasoos' gets delayed yet again ?

"Jagga Jasoos" has been one movie that has remained in news for the last two years for its reshoots and delays. And yet again online news reports suggest that the Ranbir Katrina starrer is once again delayed thanks to the fact that the lead actors are reshooting some portions of the movie.
"Jagga Jasoos" delayed yet again
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'Jagga Jasoos" trailer was released recently

While the "Jagga Jasoos" trailer which was released recently has received nice and positive reviews, it is to wait and watch if the constant delays end up killing the excitement that was created by the trailer. "Jagga Jasoos" is Anurag Basu's brain child and is expected to be a never seen before detective movie which will shake the box office and create new records. With so much of pressure riding on it and so much of money being already put into the project, it is natural for everyone involved in the project to get a bit discouraged with the constant delays, this includes the audience as well.

Few portions to be reshot

While the reshoots usually are not stressful, its a different story when the movie has taken a long long time to complete and the lead had turned ex-lovers in real life. As per online reports the director has requested the lead to allot five days for the reshoot so that the film can be finally released.

For now all we can do is hope that "Jagga Jasoos" finishes the production and releases quickly before the excitement around it dies away.

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