"The Big Bang Theory" - Season 11 to have a new female character to wreck Leonard & Penny's relationship?

TBBT Season 11 Update
Penny and Leonard have a new lady in their love life in Season 11 
of The Big Bang Theory
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While the next season i.e. Season 11 of the most loved American TV show "The Big Bang Theory" is finalized, the plot is yet to be revealed. Online news reports suggest that a new female character is going to be introduced to create tension in Penny and Leonard's relationship.

Earlier there were reports that Season 11 was cancelled as the cast had asked for a hike and the makers had refused the same. Now reports online are clarifying that Season 11 is finalized but with a lot of plot changes as Jim Parsons who essays the character of Dr.Sheldon Cooper on the show is said to be absent from the most parts of the next season due to other commitments which includes a show which he is producing. The fact that Season 11 might be the last season of the hit TV series is now slowly being accepted by the TBBT fans across the globe.

According to online reports, Season 11 will see Amy and Sheldon's most awaited wedding and also Sheldon's chemistry with Amy's parents apart from the newly built tension in Leonard & Penny's life. Also as the current season shows Bernadette being pregnant, the next season is expected to show them as parents while the rest of the group adjusts itself with this new development. The most difficult choice of who will be Howard and Bernadette's child's god parents is also expected to be showcased with TBBT patent humor.

 "The Big Bang Theory" airs on CBS, and for now we like the fans are happy with the fact that there is a Season 11 and it looks exciting.

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