"The Walking Dead" - Rise of the War ?

"The Walking Dead" gets ready for a war for the mid-season finale
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The moment we all were waiting for as die-hard fans of "The Walking Dead" TV series is finally here. The band is united, the members who went solo for a long time are all coming together. The mid season finale of the hit television series is here and its about to showcase a union at the hilltop as per online news reports.

According to online reports, the upcoming episodes will showcase Rosita's confession where she discloses her plan to kill Negan with a self made bullet. She will confess this to Father Gabriel  played by Seth Gilliam. But as expected Father Gabriel will change her mind convince her to wait and accumulate more power before they act upon anything. There will also be a Spencer and Negan confrontation scene where Negan will end up calling Spencer a coward for not killing Rick himself. Michonne will also be seen begging to Rick to help her out by fighting for all of Alexandria.

Also the Kingdom where Morgan and Carl are having a gala time since Episode 2 will be back in the picture. Richard will visit them and try to convince them to attack the Saviors; Carl as expected is against the very idea of fighting.

All of the above will give rise to a new war which will be an exciting watch indeed. We will have to wait and watch as to how the killer drama unfolds.

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