"Sherlock" Season 4 - New trailer shows Benedict Cumberbatch saying "I Love You" ?

Yes it is happening, the season 4 of "Sherlock" the television series is getting closer and the trailers are making everyone restless. We have seen Sherlock Holmes a bit funny and a bit wacky in the initial seasons, how can one forget the famous bed sheet scene where we saw Benedict wrapped in a bed sheet and that too nowhere else but THE Buckingham Palace.

Sherlock says "I Love You" ?
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Sherlock reveals his darkest secret in Season 4 

Season 4 seems to be sprinkled with such humorous scenes, at least that is what the trailer is pointing at. The latest trailer for Sherlock Season 4 shows Sherlock literally saying "I Love You" when he is being asked to tell his darkest and the worst secret.The confession is more startling because we know Sherlock Holmes as a character is portrayed as a downright sociopath. These were the words we never imagined Sherlock to say, that proves one fact very clearly; Season 4 is going to shatter believes and probably spin everything we have deduced about Sherlock till now.

Is Moriarty really dead?

The other angle which Season 4 will play with is off course that of James Moriarty, we don't know if he is actually dead but the Season 4 teaser definitely enhanced the confusion and elevated the mystery of Moriarty further. Though we know Sherlock has spoken the three golden words "I Love You", we still have no clue as to exactly whom he said these words to. It definately can't be Watson and it can't be poor Molly as well, then who is this secret person whom Sherlock loves?

We will have to wait for the Season 4 to unravel the mystery. "Sherlock" Season 4 is slotted to premiere on PBS on 1 Jan 2017. Season 4 finale is also slated to release in theaters on 16 & 18th of January 2017. 

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