Ex - NFL Star Will Smith killer declared guilty of manslaughter

Will Smith killer judged guilty
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A high profile court case always attracts more eyeballs than the others since the judgement in such cases usually sets an example for others to follow the lead. Ex - NFL Star Will Smith who was a part of Saint team was shot dead by Hayes and later he pleaded that he had shot the footballer only because the footballer was violent and drunk. Will Smith, his wife, and two other people were travelling in Will's Mercedes SUV on the night of the incident.

Hayes gets a possible 40 years 

The incident took place on 9th of April 2016 when a traffic crash lead to a commotion and as per online reports Hayes had pleaded that he shot only because the footballer had a gun on him. Hayes was also under trial and was too judged as guilty for injuring Smith's wife when he fired. While Will's fans are relieved that the killer is no more on lose, Hayes's lawyers are reported to be of the view that judgement is improper and has been given based solely on the popularity of the football star. Though Hayes kept pleading that he fired in defense on seeing the footballer armed with a gun, the fact that he was the only witness who saw the footballer with a gun did go against him in the court of law.

Hayes has officially been pronounced guilty and a possible 40 year term which will be finalized in February 2017 when is sentence is fixed to be established.

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